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I have 2 different UserEcho forums, and I have 2 boards in DaPulse. I've create 2 zapps in zapier (copy of the one on my print screens in the link above). When a topic is added to one of the forums i UserEcho, it should then add one pulse in the first DaPulse board. And when you add a topic in the second UserEcho forum, it should create a pulse in the second DaPulse board.

What happens now is that when you add a topic in one of the UserEcho forums, it creates a pulse in BOTH of the boards. It doesn't matter which of the forums in UserEcho I've added a post. It still creates in both boards.

Sergey Stukov
Under review
Sergey Stukov
Sergey Stukov
Answer Fixed

Issue fixed, thank you for report.

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