Search with API and filter by language

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Hi, I would like to use your API to search through a Knowledge Base, but get results in a specific language (which I'll add dynamically to the request).

For example, I'm using:

How do I look for Russian only articles only? (for example) I couldn't find any filter for language.


Vladimir Mullagaliyev
    Answer Under review

Hello Yoss,

Unfortunately, our API does not support translations for now. We do return original texts only.

Any way, even if we will implement this feature we do not filter topics by languages. If some topic does not have an translation it will show original text.

So, if you would like to filter topics by languages we would recommend you to create a separate form for each language and hide another languages from user via CustomCSS. And you will not have a problem to get them via API.

Here is an example of our client who use this scheme.



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