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+1, especially now when browsers begin to warn when http is used.



I know that UserEcho supports https, but doesn't use it by default. Many websites redirect to https, please do the same.

How about forcing pre-moderation for posts or comments that have links in them?
P.S. another one:
Several times I found myself in the following situation:
  1. I get a new bug request or a suggestion, which sounds familiar.
  2. I want to check whether it was already reported. I know that if it was, it's not marked as closed.
  3. I use the search interface as on the screenshot above, and lots of items are marked as closed. Then I'm thinking, "I wish I could filter those".
If you need this search for your staff you are able to do it from your operator's interface.
Search for my staff? Did you mean stuff? I didn't find this option, how can I search for topics from the admin panel?
So it's Ctrl+Shift+Z, good to know. But why not support Ctrl+Y as well, which is what most users expect?
That's OK, and that's handy because most of the time that's what you want. But sometimes you e.g. just want to ask a question, and don't want to mark the topic as UNDER REVIEW. I think there should be an option to not change the status, like there was before - a NONE option.
And it happened once again. Any thoughts on this?
Shouldn't be too difficult, just check whether the user is logged in, and disable the feature for anonymous users.