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Thank you for the answer: didn't know that (after converting to topic) this could become private.

  • then, how to switch to private afterwards?

And also another related question:

  • is a private discussion limited to ONE user (and the admins)? or it is possible to have a private discussion with a few users?

And then (if above private discussion with multiple users is possible)

  • is there a solution to merge some following comments into the created private topic? (to group the comments that follows the first one converted into private topic)

My idea is indeed to solve this kind of situation:

  1. in a topic started about subjectA
  2. a user X make a comment on a personal subjectB that should be answered elsewhere from the subjectA
  3. some users Y and Z already started to comment on subjectB

I'd like to:

  1. create a new (private) topic on subjectB (as you proposed) with first comment by X
  2. move next comments by Y and Z into the same newly created subjectB

Best regards

By the way, is there any way to insert this big counter and to keep the text starting from the left side? (That is to say from under the user icon).

Compare the layouts of the first posts of:

- the discussion here on

- this discussion (on


Perfect! Thanks a lot :-)


I'm also interest that you add such an exemple for bigger vote counters in my community.

(I'm rather interested with a simpler one, unique color, placed on the left side like in )

Best regards.

P.S. Maybe one or two CSS snippets like that could be given in your "Tips & Tricks" knowledge base?

Why not.

Nevertheless, it would not be very natural and very logical to make visible this action (Mark as answer) only when editing a comment (as asked in that other request) since the mark action is not really and edition.

By the way, I suggest to rename the current Action "Answer" into "Mark as answer".

Currently, as visible on your above screenshot, there is also the action "Reply" which could be easily confused with "Answer" (and vice versa) when you click too fast... Whereas our action is not to "Answer" but to "Mark" as answer...

Great, many thanks, it works perfectly!

For a shorter text suggestion, I don't know ;-)

  • "Unmark as answer" (since the opposite was "Mark as answer")
  • "Toggle answer"

But the length is not really a problem.

If you really want to save space, maybe this action could be removed from there (the comment marked as answer) and be placed:

  1. in the answer area itself (which just beneath the question, in the topic page)
  2. or in the global actions in the right column (with "Change status", "Assign category") by adding a new link like "Unmark the answer" or "Unmark answer" or "Remove answer mark"...


The information about user's city is already present in the column "Location" next to the "IP address".

Concerning the Network, you are right, this is not very important and even not really answering to our curiosity because in fact, we were wondering from which "domain" came the visitors (for instance from, or from ;-))

Maybe have you any idea for that instead of manual tests on the IP?

But the request is really not a high priority.

OK, thank you, looking forward to reading that new feature in the change log! :-)