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I guess I see none of them at this point since I've never used the feature before, so the "last used" buffer is still empty. Anyway, that's great news. It solves my problem, thanks!

Well, it looks that I managed to sync all my accounts successfully. Thanks for your support guys!

Here's another issue:


  "name": "Paulo Henrique Lerbach Rodrigues"

Same error page as before. It might be related to the username length. If so, it would be great to see this limit described in API docs.

Yeah, works perfectly now. Is there a reason why you don't expose the avatar field in the update command? If no, it would be nice to be able to update it as well.

I can provide the exact API links with access tokens, if you make this ticket private.

I have a follow-up question regarding updaing user language via API.

I send the PUT request to here:

With this payload:

  "language": "en"

As a result, I get an HTML page with an error "Здається, щось пішло не так." (it looks like a localized error page of the userecho, not an API anser)

My project does have the English language enabled, so I'm not sure what might be wrong. When I try to update other fields, everything works fine.

Thanks for the advice, Sergey!