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Oh wow it's been a while since I posted... This is still going on... So again, changing the original post type doesn't update the status types. I'm required to refresh the page to have the status types updated.

Any potential progress on this? This is such an important feature that I keep running into! :)

I always have users posting new questions that they think are similar to a particular opened or closed post and I hate replying there for further support. I'm currently posting my self some occations their questions into a new post. This then looks odd that me the admin is asking a question.

Allow us to make a reply a new post. This conversion allows the original poster to own the post under their name. And just him will get notified when I reply to his post.

Thanks for the prompt reply. Please enable it so that I can check it out. Thanks!
Same here! Great job UserEcho!
So, let me explain a little better... a daily, weekly, or monthly digest option would be great. The format of the digest I would find it helpful would be:
1. New forum posts created.
2. Active posts. This would be on posts that already existed and a new comment, rating or modification occurred.
3. Forum stats. How many new users have joined. Total user activity.
Those are some of the things I think would be great if where available.
It would be great to receive weekly digest of forum activity. For example how many new members and also the new posts and active posts.
Thank you for taking the time to check the issue. I have updated the recommended URL and it's now working fine! :)
I'm using Samsung Galaxy S II running Android 2.3.6. The browser is the standard Android browser.  I have also tried via Motorola XOOM tablet with no luck.

I have also tried on iOS device and it works there...

Not sure why the change? Before the QUESTION feedbacks had differet status types now they don't make sense? Why the change?