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I can't emphasize enough how valuable this would be.

As you know, discussion forums are moving away from being Threaded, and instead having all Replies be at the top level, with selective Quoting (and prompts which encourage starting a New Topic if the subject is changing). The most popular such forum software is now Discourse.

If UserEcho continues to insist on a threaded-reply model of forum, then it is essential that Replies always land in the right place (i.e., underneath the comment being replied to, and indented as appropriate).

Unfortunately, when replying by email and/or replying by a novice who does not use the Reply on the correct preceding Comment, Replies are OFTEN in the wrong place.

As a moderator, having the ability to move the Reply to the correct location helps ensure continuity and clarity for all our Customers.

Thanks for the switch, Vlad ... but this editor is different than on your Forum and, unfortunately, worse.

  1. While entering a reply, the record updates and thus replies end up out of sequence (not properly threaded). I remember raising this issue to you a long while back, and was working fine with the previous editor.
  2. When pasting an image from the clipboard (e.g., a screen capture), it pastes a filename instead of inline image.
  3. In HTML/Source mode, even in an empty note, there is a bunch of code. This makes it difficult to paste a copy of HTML from another post. Also, using "Select All" in this box ends up selecting everything on the Page, instead of just the text in the box.

Please switch back, ASAP.

Frankly, I very, very much prefer the original editor before you messed with it a couple months ago (?). The update has been very troublesome for us. If you can please return the even older editor, that would be my personal preference - by far!

Hi Vlad,

Yes ... I think we would like to try the "test mode" Editor you are using. If it isn't much better (or if it is much worse), I presume you can switch us back.

It looks like we can still do code blocks by using HTML-Source mode and the <code> tag.

Please update editor at your convenience.



Checking for updates, please?

The Editor is still giving me major issues:

  1. On mobile, predictive text does not turn on while the cursor is in the first column. Either the first word has to be input manually, or the line must begin with a space. Tested with both Google Keyboard and SwiftKey.
  2. When Bold or Italics are enabled, trying to add text at the end of a line frequently causes the cursor to jump to the beginning of the line, making entry impossible except in HTML Source view.
  3. Exiting out of a numbered list fails.

In general: The editor is really, really messed up since your last major update. The editor box looks better but functions horribly.

Please revert the editor or replace it with markdown or anything that works consistently.

Hmmmm... I'm finding the editor is working well here on your own Forum (though I haven't tested Issue #1 (mobile predictive text). Why not deploy this version to ?

I can't emphasize enough how important SSL is to my company and Customers.

Chrome and other browsers are starting to give very visible and severe looking alerts to non-SSL https websites, especially if they include password inputs (such as on the user profile Common Settings / Change Password screen!).

Each free Let's Encrypt certificate can be expanded to support a very large number of custom domains. Expanding a certificate does not fall under the "five certificate requests per 7 days" limitations.

Running multiple certificates is probably complicated; but if we're lucky, a single certificate can hold enough domains. Let me help you research this if necessary.


I would love an API call to fetch "Average time to first response" for my Helpdesk.

I guess it would take a time range (perhaps past 2 or 7 days...), thus it would be a moving average (that I can graph).

I want to feed this into my public website (or even a widget in my UserEcho page!), so that I can set Customer expectations as to our current average service time when they open a new Ticket.

Ah... thanks. That's a good option in the meantime (just takes one extra step to remember!); and, yes ... perhaps there are some Closed Topics which I don't mind further comments on though so.... Flexibility is good.

I'm finding very few Customers are using the Reply Vote thumb-up function ... and ever fewer use the Reply Vote thumbs-down ... but that just makes the occasional thumbs-down even more "jarring".

Perhaps a "Like" button is handy to show a comment is acknowledged by various Agents and Customers, but, as stated by Ryann, it does confuse and distract Customers from the most importing button: Topic Vote.

So... I think I lean towards eliminating Reply voting entirely (as a Forum configuration option). Thank-you.

That is a nice and appreicated bit of an improvement choice, thanks, but unfortunately, it doesn't quite fix all my circumstances.

My Topic Type Status values are not always identical between different Topic Types, though they match closely enough that a notification shouldn't be sent. For example, I may have "type=Bug, status=Reproducing", "type=Question, status=Researching".

My suggested approach is to offer a combined Topic Type-Status Edit drop down menu; i.e., a menu that would show:








Waiting for Clarification








This is modeled after your drop-down that is used to move a Topic from one Forum to another (which is a great feature!). In one action, I can move a Topic not only to another Forum, but actually to the specific Topic Type in that Forum.

So that same Edit functionality at the Topic level would be amazing; i.e., in one action, I can change a Topic not only from one Topic Type to another, but actually to the specific Topic Type Status.

Yah... It's the 2-step requirement that's causing the "extra" notification:

  1. Topic is posted by Customer as with Topic Type Bug.

  2. Inexperienced Agent sets the Topic Type Status to Under Review (from type Bug). Notification is sent to Customer.
  3. Agent uses Edit Topic (as there is no Control Bar button) to correct the Topic Type from Bug to Idea. No notification is sent (right?), even though this is a Topic Update?

  4. Agent then needs to refresh the screen (or reload the Topic) in order to get the list of Topic Status's refreshed with those applicable to Idea (since they are completely different records, even if similar names).

  5. Agent must now reset the Topic Type Status to Under Review (from type Idea). Redundant excess notification is sent to Customer (i.e., Customer gets 2 "Under Review" emails: one from step #2 and one from #5.).