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Thank you for the answer: didn't know that (after converting to topic) this could become private.
then, how to switch to private afterwards?

When you click "Convert to topic" you have to select a forum where this topic will be. If you choose a helpdesk the topic will be converted into ticket and become private.

is a private discussion limited to ONE user (and the admins)? or it is possible to have a private discussion with a few users?

You can add collaborators to tickets. Just click three dots button and select "Manage collaborators"

is there a solution to merge some following comments into the created private topic? (to group the comments that follows the first one converted into private topic)

    Unfortunately, no. You can create few topics from comments then merge them. But probably easier just create one and add collaborators to the topic.

    You can easily mark any article with Emoji. Example: we've changed header of this topic, marked with star icon.

    Here is other available emoji to use


    Now it works in FF as well.

    Hi Ryann,

    Could you please clarify. You said it works in Safari and doesn't work in FF but then you said it worked with Safari as before. 

    So, what browser do you have the problem for now? Safari or FF?

    Thank you.

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