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Thanks!!! Everything works now! You are really amazing (and super quick)!


Hi Sergey,
I see...thanks! However, when I try to leave a private message from another user account, I do not manage. When I click on "post" nothing happens :( 
Do I have to abilitate this feature somewhere? 

Thanks a lot Vladimir!
One more question: would it be possible to do not have the voting from 1 to 5 but only one "up" (positive) vote?
We are planning to use this as a sort of check for which topics are most "appreciated" by the community, so my real need is to have one vote per user, with only one number. In this way, I can simply read the number and see how many people find that particular topic interesting. 

Thanks a lot,



I would like to have the voting system as in

How can I do that?