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That is correct. Just as in the scenario above, often users will give input that belongs to an existing ticket via a different medium e.g. sms, email, phone call etc. It'd be useful for us to update the ticket for them to keep the thread in one place.

Cool. Looking forward to it. 

It's a good idea @Otavio ;) Help to build community.
Changed the access policies eh Vladimir? LOL. OK, got it working now ;)
Hi Sergey,
I'm having trouble with sso logout. I'm sending link like this:
and get response like this:
<title>Zurili / Oops! Something went wrong.</title>
<!--<link rel="stylesheet" href="/s/assets/css/font-awesome.min.css">-->" rel="stylesheet">
<h1>Oops! Something went wrong.</h1>
An error occurred on the page. Data sent to the developers. Sorry for the inconvenience.

<a href='#' onclick=";return false;">Send more details to us.</a>
<i class="fa fa-cogs" style="font-size:240px;color: rgb(222, 106, 89);margin:20px"></i>
<a href='/'>Go to main page.</a>
<script type='text/javascript'>
var _ues = {

What am I doing wrong?
I'm still finding the widget pretty slow. First load is typically 5 sec. After that it's instantaneous. What can we do to make first load faster?
And if the user pic changes, can we update the avatar?
We don't store our user pic as an unsecured url. Does the url supplied in avatar_url need to be permanent? Or do you take a copy of the image so we can just supply a temporary url for the initial signup?
Thanks Sergey! Very quick. Appreciate the help :)
This is really mission-critical for me. Can you help?