WhatDaFun WDF
Some tickets I get are not reply worthy - like some promotions, some useless feedback by any user, etc. I do not want to see them under 'Open' issue list. If I mark them 'DECLINED', then also email goes to user telling the same, which is very rude & unwanted behaviour.
Is there any workaround to this, or any way to disable auto response on some ticket status change?
Sergey Stukov
Will be answered
Seems that you need something like "silent option" we will consider about solution will write our decision here.
WhatDaFun WDF
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Answer Answered

Now you are able to close ticked through comment form with no notification.

More information is available here http://feedback.userecho.com/topics/6870-userecho-changelog/#comment-23856

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