I'm noticing that the mobile version of the site is a little obtrusive on smaller screens - namely the fact that trying to select a topic causes the various menu options to pop up and get selected instead. I have to turn a phone over to landscape mode just to select anything. 

Is there any way I can rectify this?

Sergey Stukov

We will thinking about better implementation of actions buttons on mobiles.

Also we working on voter block to better support for the mobile and touch screens.


Yes please! Mobile experience is terrible right now from IE10 mobile.


Please fix asap. Clicking on topics to open them is almost impossible! Cannot admin from mobile at this point.

I am a paid customer, my brand is featured on your main website, but lately I feel support very slow and not as it used to be...

Sergey Stukov

We working hard on completely new mobile version, will be released soon.


How is this going? 90% of my users access the site via Windows Phone, and experience is bad. They usually stop giving feedback because of this and really impacts the business.

Zendesk is tempting me a lot, has full support for mobiles. I'm sad to tell I will go there if this is not resolved soon.

I'm a featured customer on your main site, please do listen me.

Sergey Stukov
Answer Fixed

We have released new mobile version, more details here

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