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Heino Deubner 4 years ago • updated 4 years ago 67
Dear all, is there anyone in Germany who can support us to setup / to implement User Echo?


We have located in the United States but we ready to answer to all your questions feel free to ask it via our helpdesk, we see that you already created community and setup logo and facebook module for it.

How we can help?
We have located in the United States but we ready to answer to all your questions feel free to ask it via our helpdesk, we see that you already created community and setup logo and facebook module for it.

How we can help?
Hello Sergey,

I thought we are faster with a expert in Germany who can takeover the setups. If you don't have anyone who has experiences we will do it ourself. How I can get the white labe version of UserEcho?
White-label version costs additional +100 USD monthly, we can activate it for your account, note that $100 USD will be debited from your payment source.
To enable White-label feature for your account, confirm it here.
Let me discuss that with my colleagues. Many thanks in advance.
Hello Sergey, we run a online-shop business with more than 100.000 users (customers). Is UserEcho able to work together with shop systems, so our customers could use their login?
1) We have SSO (single sign-on) feature that allows you to cross-authorize your users and no need to additional registration at the UserEcho side.

Users will be auto-authorized when you pass special token to UE.

More details here https://printercare.userecho.com/settings/features/sso/

2) Also we support Industry standard - Enterprise SAML2 cross-authorisation so it's possible to authorise users via IT.

Give you developers team access this links to choose applicable solution,
How can I delete the Chat Hitory Forum?
It's visible only for account staff, anyway if you don't have plans to use it we can disable it for your account, confirm here and we turn it off.
Ok, than it can stay.
Does User Echo have a survey tool? For choosing a new firm logo by customers for example?
We have two opportunities to do this.
1.1) Create category, for example "Logo contest"
1.2) Create dedicated topic for each log in it
Now users will able to see all logos within this category and vote for it.

2) Use our Poll feature

Feel free to ask us for further "logo contest" configuration.
Do you mean this one? I'm unable to insert and config it. 

Confirm, and we create working example inside your community.
For example we can create temporary Sandbox forum and show examples inside it.
Case 2 is the best way, I appreciate your help! where can I config this tool?
Just create a new topic in the required forum and then use "Poll settings" action on it, you can create poll variants.
Thank you very much. In Germany now its time to have dinner. I wish you a nice christmas I will come back in a few days. Your software is great !!!
Please describe the opportunity 1. I tried it, but I assume I didn't understand you right...
Hello Sergey, please take a look, ich configed the tool and moved it to my general forum. The email, I received looks like so. What is my mistake with the size?

We changed the Files und it ist fixed.
Hello Sergey, could you change the owner from you to me for this topic?

Many Thanks Vladimir.
Can I open the helpdesk forum, so other user can answer as well?
You can create public forum where users will able to comment on each other topics.
Is this suitable for you?
You mean I have to create an new forum, the present forum cannot changed?
Note that your account already has public forum

And helpdesk 
Helpdesk forum used to store private requests history.
Sorry, I didn't understand you right. What is the different between my feedback-forum and the helpdesk forum? Both were default forums.
Why do we have this stats? Where I can delete these data field, at least config?

Could you please answer this?
Hello Heino, 
Would you like to hide this filter at all?
Where can I change (translate) the menu? "Knowledge base" to "Wissensdatenbank"...

Feel free to add translations here http://translate.userecho.com
We have translated the "Knowledge base"
Is it possible to config the menu? I would like to move the "Helpdesk Forum" to a own menu topic, so that I get three menu points. 1) Feedback Forum 2) Helpdesk 3) Wissensdatenbank  

I think it would be better for the user...
It is possible throught ustom Script. But it not so easy.
Also you have a feedback forum menu already if you have more than 1 forum.
Hello, I found this User Echo example. http://jdb.userecho.com/forum/8446-welcome/

How can I create such a Welcome Forum with pricture and link to the further forums at the top?
They use default forum and additional forums for corresponding products. It's realised via html (they inserted custom html block) and our Custom CSS feature.

Note the sections can be in the same forum, just different categories in in or forums.

Give us images of your products and we prepare example for you, then you will able to copy it and modify following your requirements.
Great, you will get images soon, I will come back to you next days.
Do you have a Blog plugin?
Check we manage our blog using UserEcho.

We can setup the same for your community.
It's regular forum with all topic and user feedback features disabled. Only staff users can post topics in it.
By the way regular users will able to leave comments on articles.

Confirm and we setup it for then you will able to customise it.
No thanks, I want to setup a another blog on our website. 
Hello, it seem our facebook login doesn't work. Do you have an idea for what reason?
Do you talk about login via Facebook from sign-in form? We've checked it. Works fine.
Could you explain your problem?
Yes, this i mean. If a user drop on the Facebook button, a window opens shortly and close, nothing other happens.
I've checked it with my Facebook. It works http://feedback.printer-care.de/users/1371150-vladimir-mullagaliyev/topic/
Do you have this problem with specific user? Could you provide more information about this user? Facebook ID, email, etc.
Hello, new members don't see the helpdesk forum. Do you know why?
Users will not see Helpdesk forum, beause it is private. They will see "Tickets" label on navbar and their requests.
Oh I need help :-)  Could you take a look on my project. I thought the helpdesk forum is for members to start support cases. For what is the helpdesk forum and what should we do to give our members the oppurtunity to start support calla?
But, user doesn't see this forum He sees the link "Leave us a private message" only, then he is able to open his topic (not all topics from Helpdesk) only.
Staff can see all topics from all users in Helpdesk.
Whar do you recommend, is it better to youse the general (open) forum for support topics, so all members can see the themes and can respond? And disable the helpdesk forum?
We recommend to use both of them.
Public is good for publi questions, because other users an get answers too.
But you need a Helpdesk also, because some questions cannot be published for public (emails, passwords, etc)
Ok, now I think I understood your concept. I will change my setup. Many Thanks!
Hi Vladimir, who can see the helpdesk dashboard? And for what is the chat history, who can see that?
Only community owner, or user (with rights to see it) nobody except community owner, can't see it contents until you grant right for example for 2nd community representative.
Where can I translate the welcome email?

All interface phrases and email notofiations are available to translate here http://translate.usereho.com
Dear all, is it possible to send emails to all members? For example to inform about new features in the forum?
We have following abilities.

1) As community owner you have access to all users emails via API and able to send email to each using your own tools.

2) You can create topic "New features" and all users who was subscribed on it will receive notifications by email, regarding topic updates.

For example check our change-log it use method no. 2
Dear all, where can I config this window?

Unfortunately, you cannot configure this window. What do you want to change here?
Hello User Echo, I created a private forum only for internal topics "Printer Care Intern". It is sure that search enginges cannot read the conversiations?
Be sure that all private forums are not accessible for search engines.