UE-Integration in facebook

Yes, now I get your Forum in my facebook. This is not what it used to be. I want to have my
own Forums in facebook. Is it possible?

By the way, the UE-editor in facebook doesn't have a border at the right handside.
So you can write below the right side omn and on. Or you have to make a
Return for open a new line. And the editor's header with the functions is missed too.
Martin Reisbeck

Facebook page id. It was even hard to find, after I knew what page id is requested. Here you are:

Login to the Facebook-site where you like to embed UE. Place the cursor at the profile-picture (upper left corner).  Now the browser's status bar shows your page-id. Sometimes it will show several id-stings. Take the last one, i.e. 150122805052365.

Sergey Stukov
    Ответ Исправлен

To correctly link your facebook page with UserEcho community you need to provide correct facebook page id of your page.

We update your settings, your page id is=150192805055568

Please check now it's linked correctly.

We will fix facebook editor soon.
Sergey Stukov
Fixed editor issues and added text to help finding facebook id.
Martin Reisbeck
Great. So we can go on with translation...tomorrow°!
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