UserEcho changelog

Sergey Stukov
We post info about UserEcho improvements and updates here. To see latest updates order comments by Newest first. Follow or vote for this topic to stay in touch.
Sergey Stukov
Added ability to search for an users in the agent interface.
Agent interface -> Statistics -> Users

Sergey Stukov
Added new customisation option for forums, ability to set permission for users to vote for their own topics.
Settings -> Forums -> Common settings -> [v] Allow users to vote for own topics
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
We have added new filter bar modes to the topic list module. Now you are able to choose from the following modes:

1. Hidden filter bar

2. Filters and sort mode - Displays filter bar with following filters (by type, by status, by tag) & sort mode indicator

3. Filters + bar displaying counts of topics related to user, grouped by topic status.

4. Filters + Topic types displayed in tabs above filters bar

5. All in one mode: Filters + Topic types displayed in tabs above filters bar + bar displaying counts of topics related to user, grouped by topic status.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
New API method: Forum access list. Add (POST) and select (GET) emails with access to the private forum.

More details here.
Sergey Stukov
We have updated UserEcho frontpage design, it become more informative and responsive.
More details here:
Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Now you are able to allow multiple votes for one topic from each user.

To setup go to Setup->Forum->Common settings.
1. Votes limit for each user in current forum (available from Base)
2. Votes limit for topic from each user (available from Base+). From 1 (default) to 5 votes.

Your users will see his vote limit on the right side of the forum.

And now they are able to leave more than 1 vote for each topic.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
Ability to add "meta description" to your forum page for thesearch engines. Setup->Forum->Common Settings -> META description.
Sergey Stukov
For customers who linked their Google analytics accounts with their communities we have added support for a new Google universal analytics accounts.

You can setup it here Settings->Advanced analytics.

Vladimir Mullagaliyev
We've released first version of Webhooks. Details in your project Settings -> Advanced -> Webhooks.
Available from "Base+"service plan.
Sergey Stukov
UserEcho team constantly monitors availability of the customer's communities. We've added a public information about the availability of communities. Also now is possible to see maintenance log.

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